It seems Toadie’s therapy sessions with Sam are going well. In fact, they are going so well that Toadie opens up about Dee’s death and how that has impacted the decisions he’s made since. When Sonya sees Sam, she realises that he’s a familiar face. When she goes home, she digs out old photos and there is a picture of her and Sam together. What is their connection?

Meanwhile, at the garage, Aaron manages to free Amy from the fallen engine and rushes her straight to hospital. Tyler’s shocked to hear about the accident at the garage and, when Hamish finds out the news, he’s left stunned by the damage he has caused.

His plan takes an unexpected turn, however, when Tyler offers to sell his inheritance to help Amy with her medical bills. Alarmed that his plan is falling apart now that the boat is on the verge of being sold, Hamish comes up with another plan. Will he succeed?

Finally, Susan starts to worry about Gary and Terese when she notices the tension between the couple. In order to help them work through their problems, Susan offers the couple pre-marriage counselling, but Terese shuts the idea down. To make matters worse, Terese receive a letter explaining that Courtney is suing her for $5 million in a unfair dismissal law suit.