Is there a future for Dex and April?

Dex tells April he’s kissed Steph and, though she’s upset, she agrees he hasn’t done anything wrong as they’d broken up. April believes the break isn’t working for them but tells Irene that the fact that Dex has been honest with her is a good sign. Later, however, Steph arrives at the farm to spend time with Dex and one thing leads to another… Determined to get Dex back, April heads over to his place to surprise him but is devastated to discover what he’s been up to.

Spencer won’t leave Summer Bay unless Maddy comes with him but she needs time to decide what to do. Chris tries to get his brother to go without Maddy but Spencer refuses and Harvey has some choice words for the itinerant brother – why is he putting so much pressure on Spencer? Eventually, Maddy and Spencer decide to stay, leaving Chris extremely unhappy.

Natalie and Brax decide that they can be friends after all, though Brax is going to have a hard time overcoming his feelings. Meanwhile, Brax tracks down Ricky, who manages to bring out his playful side. And Zac gets news of a possible job from Gina.