Kyle gets his hopes up after a friendly but brief encounter with Jade. She soon makes it clear that they’re finished as a couple. Then Sheila visits and though she originally thinks the break means the way is clear for Kate, she soon realises just how much Kyle is hurting. She tries to talk Jade round without success, but can see Jade is still pining for Kyle, too, and she resolves to get them back together.

Tash attends the comic swap meet with Ed, but her attempts to avoid her friends finding out fail when she gets herself in trouble after tampering with an expensive comic. Fortunately, Ed comes to the rescue and his gallantry convinces her to admit her nerdy activities to her friends, leaving Andrew curious at the change in his friend.

Trying to find a distraction from their argument, Summer and Chris independently choose to attend Jade’s boot camp, but they’re unfortunately forced to partner up. However, their tensions soon cause another fight and both are dismissed from the class.