Is there hope for Carmella and Marco?

Marco is confused by Carmella’s mixed messages when she tries to put the brakes on their relationship. When he presses her to make a decision, he discovers that she actually thinks he’s perfect for her – but she’s afraid of getting hurt. Toadie and Steph disagree over Libby and Darren’s problems, with Toadie believing there are mitigating circumstances over Darren�s infidelity. Steph, however, defends Libby and throws Darren out of the house. Janae’s jealousy of Kirsten grows when she realises she can’t join her and Ned at their reunion – but she starts feeling better when it seems Kirsten won’t be able to make it either. As the time of the planned departure draws near, Janae and Kirsten both rearrange their schedules but only Kirsten manages it, and Janae is forced to swallow her jealousy and bid farewell to Ned and Kirsten as they leave for Oakey. Angus picks on Rachel at school and ends up throwing her out of class. Later, Rachel tells him his overreaction signals a connection between them, prompting Angus to tell her how he really feels. VIDEO: Watch Neighbours highlights here