Lucas enjoys having Chris back at the garage. When they realise homophobic customer Warren Burrell is due in that day, Lucas puts up a gay pride sticker to show his support of Chris. Chris worries about an impending confrontation, but when Warren’s son Blake turns up instead, it seems he’s been worried for nothing. That’s until Warren arrives to pick up the car, notices the sticker and has a go. Lucas stands up for Chris but with someone watching them from the shadows, will he live to regret this?

Andrew does his best to hide his tattoo from Summer but when she grows suspicious and finds photos of him with a girl on schoolies, she suspects he’s cheated on her. Forced to come clean, Andrew reveals the tattoo but claims it says ‘Summer’. Summer’s touched but, when she learns that’s not what it really says, she suspects the worst until Andrew admits the truth. Summer can’t help but find it hilarious but Andrew’s distraught, stuck with a tattoo he never wanted.

Suspicious the developers aren’t above board, Toadie alerts Peter, who insists he’ll look into it. Discovering he was right, Peter gets rid of the rogue element and offers Toadie a permanent contract for his help.