It’s moving in day for Marina, and Heston is beside himself with excitement until Marina arrives with all her belongings and son Ian. A row erupts when Heston is appalled by one of Marina’s paintings and Ian comments dryly about trouble in paradise.

Heston assures Ian that they’ve already had a few rows on holiday, but adds that these are part of a healthy relationship. As Ian leaves, Marina apologises to Heston for her son, claiming he’s always hated conflict. But the look that Ian gives as he leaves suggests something darker.

Julia tries to talk to Zara about Patrick’s affair – but Zara can only think of Daniel’s recent behaviour and concludes he must be having an affair and Julia ends up counselling Zara. Later, Zara asks Daniel outright if he’s having an affair, but he lies, saying he’s been planning a surprise treat for her at a spa.

Also, a young woman can’t face the future, but when her life takes a tragic turn, Freya finds herself in a race against time to give her a second chance.