Is Theresa about to confess all?

Gaz continues to question Theresa about the gun she ‘hid’ for Kyle. She tells him that Kyle threatened her and she had no choice but to let Gaz go to prison. Later, Warren corners Gaz in an alley and tells him to stay away from Theresa. When Gaz is dismissive Warren hits him.

Anita goes to see Jason and tells him that she has decided to leave Hollyoaks with Eva. The pair reminisce about Anita’s past and Jason tells her that she has to be sure she is doing the right thing. Anita finds Eva at the cab rank and tells her that she wants to finish school and go to university. After a heartfelt goodbye Eva drops the bombshell that she has other kids, before the cabs drives off leaving Anita shocked.

Lee and Jamil bet eachother fifty pound to be the first person to seduce Tex’s mum. While Lee is preoccupied with Leanne, Jamil and and Tex’s mum make noises so that Lee can hear outside. Believing that he’s lost the bet, Lee pushes the money under the door, but a poor Jamil doesn’t see a penny.

Also; Warren and Brendan wind eachother up about their respective love lives

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