Emma books Chris the day off work, so they can both spend the day with Sam. Emma declares they are going to have a pyjama day, play games and have lots of treats like when Chris was little. They play cards and joke about how Emma always cheated and Chris starts having fun. Alone with Emma, Sam thanks her for the day, saying how proud he is of their son.

Heston arrives to speak with Sam, something Sam has arranged previously. Chris wonders what it’s about but Emma doesn’t know. For dinner, Sam wants Chinese from a take away that doesn’t deliver. Emma’s says she’ll never be able to park, so Sam suggests that both she and Chris go, one driving and the other running in. Sam is left on his own, until the front door opens… it’s Howard.

Sam gives Howard his blessing to be with his wife and asks Howard to promise to look after Emma after he has gone. Howard agrees but leaves disturbed, just before Chris and Emma return. Later, Sam tells Chris and Emma he loves them then asks to go to bed. Later that night, Chris and Emma lie awake unable to sleep… As Sam sleeps in his room, his breathing slows… and eventually stops. He’s dead – but at whose hand??

Mrs Tembe and Gordon are due to have their first date, but Gordon has a cold and cancels. Karen’s tactless attempts at sympathy drive Mrs Tembe to visit Gordon with homemade soup. He’s so pleased to see her and promises that, on their next date, he’ll spoil her.