*Second episode*

At Home Farm, plumber Ronnie Hale shows up not realising he’s not just there to fix a leak Chrissie’s found. No. His new client Chrissie, in fact, suspects she may be his daughter! After gleaning as much as she can from Ronnie during some seemingly idle chit-chat, Chrissie makes sure Ronnie clocks a photo of her mother. Will she find out if she and Ronnie are father and daughter?

After Liv takes to the stand in the courtroom, it’s time for the defence and the prosecution teams to sum up their arguments for the jury. After all he’s been through, will Aaron get to see his dad get sent down for abusing him throughout his childhood?

Strapped for cash, Zak sneaks into his former marital home to nab a few bits and pieces to sell, and makes off with the iconic Dingle pot! Later, in the cafe, he shows his wares to Pollard who announces the pot is the only thing worth any money. Will Pollard give Zak what it’s worth or try to undercut him?