Mitzy has had a stroke. She tries to speak, but can’t. Marilyn blames herself. Sid knows the longer the ambulance takes, the more likely that Mitzy will have brain damage. In hospital, Mitzy manages to tell Marilyn that she made up the end date, to let her move on with her life. Later, she tells Sid that she didn’t make it up. Then she dies.

Indi and Romeo are back together, but Indi is still thinking about her Mum and her ex. Romeo thinks she should talk to her Mum about it, and Indi decides to email her. They work on it together. But Indi is still angry and struggles to write anything constructive. She settles on a short, succinct email, which will hopefully get her mum to call.

Dex is enjoying looking after his pet fish, and goes to get more supplies. He flirts with Adrian at the pet shop. She reckons they’re dating, which comes as a pleasant surprise to Dex. He decides to take her on a first date and they head to the Surf Club. But Dex is nervous. He runs off to get Indi and Romeo for advice. When he returns, Adrian has left, leaving him a note telling him not to call her again.

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