The explosion at the school gates has ripped open a sinkhole inside the school. An injured Roo is desperate to save Alf, but his injuries trigger a heart attack. As Alf begins slip away he tells Roo a secret he’s hidden for years – that her mum is still alive. Will Roo believe what could be her father’s final words?

Tori is shocked to see that Justin has been rushed to hospital after crashing a car, while trying to help Robbo escape. Colby arrives at the hospital and demands answers from Justin. Will Justin cave and give Robbo up to the police? Things become even more complicated when Willow tells Justin that Robbo is in an anxious state after discovering a picture of himself, a woman and two children. Who are these people in the picture with Robbo and will Tori be able to calm him down?

When Maggie and Ben decide to take Coco and Ziggy to the beach for a picnic, both Ziggy and Coco begin to wonder if the family outing is about Maggie’s test results. Will Maggie finally pluck up the courage and be honest with her daughters?

Finally, Jasmine is worried that her ex-boyfriend will track her down at her new address. Will Jasmine allow Colby and the police to protect her?