Is this the end for Charlotte?

Charlotte listens in as a frustrated Josh tells Andy that he’s a screw up and a murderer, referring to Jake Pirovic. Charlotte rushes home to find out more information on Jake but is interrupted by Kat who takes her in for questioning. As Charlotte continues to deny her involvement, Kat locks her up.

Kat’s distraught when the dead body is identified as Denny and spends the night in Ash’s caravan. The next morning, Phoebe sees the pair hug and tells Hannah, who reassures her that they are just friends.

As Hunter and Olivia stroll along the beach they bump into Charlotte, who wants a private word with her son. She tells him she wants the money back she gave him but he’s disgusted and walks away.

Elsewhere, Josh apologises to Andy and confesses he’s scared, as his blindness means he can no longer pursue his dreams of being an architect.