Is this the end for Josh and Amy?

Following her spontaneous confession about baby Leah, Amy worries when Josh won’t return her calls, before an annoyed Kathy demands that Amy tell everyone she lied about being Leah’s mum.

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Josh is struggling to get his head around Amy’s revelations, causing Suzanne concern. She urges him to hear Amy out, and later, when he bumps into Amy in the village, he agrees to let her explain how she hid the pregnancy from everyone for so long. Amy pleads with Josh to put the past behind them but secretly worries it may be the end of her relationship.

Tony is unimpressed as his unwanted house guest Aleksander takes advantage of his hospitality by eating his food and wearing his pricey suit.

Elliot panics when he realises his mum is coming to Hollyoaks sooner than planned. Despite Steph’s reassurances, Elliot is terrified their plan isn’t going to work because Steph’s acting skills at pretending to be his girlfriend just aren’t up to scratch. Steph is hurt and Elliot has some serious backtracking to do to get her back on side.

Also, brokenhearted over Craig, John-Paul takes his bad mood out on everyone else and after a run-in with Frankie, he decides to take action…

*Screened on TV3, Monday August 20*