Having agreed to go into protection, Mark’s boss explains how serious the situation is, telling him he can’t tell anyone. Knowing he has to leave town, Mark finds he can’t keep away from Kate and when she invites him over for dinner, he accepts.

Before he heads over, Mark receives more crank phone calls, and is furious when he finds out Kate’s been getting crank calls too. Things heat up between the pair after dinner, but Mark puts a stop to any romance, telling a confused Kate that he can’t do it. However, it’s not long before he’s back and they both give into their feelings.

Tash knows she’s been stupid when Ivan’s friend Bethany tells her Ivan’s been showing the photos she sent him of herself to all his mates. However, when she confronts him he plays it down, blaming Bethany for stirring because she has a crush on him.

Later, in Charlie’s, Ivan turns on the charm a little bit more, offering to take her to dinner and clubbing and finally Tash relents. However, her secret romance is rumbled when Chris walks in and sees them together. He quizzes Tash and she admits she’s back with Ivan and despite Chris’s advice she makes it clear she’s not ending it.

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