Ian is horrified when Patrick insists that, by tonight, either Ian will tell Denise about sleeping with Rainie or he will. On edge over Patrick’s demands, when Ian sees Rainie he violently threatens her, leaving her shaken. With time ticking by, Ian arranges to whisk Denise off to Oxford to visit Libby. Realising Ian still hasn’t confessed Patrick sets off to find Denise, only to see Ian driving her out of Walford. After leaving a message on Denise’s voicemail, Patrick collapses in pain…

Sharon is struggling to look after Denny, still shaken in the wake of her attack. Determined to get Sharon back on track, Phil encourages her to take her anti-anxiety tablets. Feeling uncomfortable about taking medication given her history of pill addiction, Sharon reluctantly takes the tablet. Later, after talking to Linda, Sharon throws the pills away without telling Phil.

Tina and Tosh are back on track and feeling optimistic about their first appointment at the fertility clinic. Tina is relieved that Tosh hasn’t cottoned on to her dodgy money-making scheme. Looking out for Tina, a distrustful Aunt Babe tells Tosh there will be hell to pay if she hurts her.

Also, Carol’s double mastectomy surgery is confirmed for next week.