Is Tina pregnant?

When Tina’s second pregnancy test result is positive the Windass clan are ecstatic, but Tommy is silently devastated.

Steve is still sore after causing the Rovers to lose the match. When Michelle arrives back from Ireland his spirits are lifted… Until Rob tells Michelle he’s lined up a meeting with a new client and needs her at the factory. When Steve later arrives to whisk Michelle off for lunch he’s sent packing. But when he sees Rob loading boxes onto the back of Kirk’s van he’s struck by an idea and locks the van doors on him as Kirk sets off. Rob doesn’t make it back to Underworld for the meeting and Steve’s childish prank just lost him a very big deal.

As Maria and Marcus get grilled about their relationship by a well meaning Kirk the pair realise how tough the ordeal they’re about to face is going to be. In the cafe, Eileen and Sean make jibes at Marcus and Maria, who are starting to wonder if they’ll always be social pariahs.

Also, Eva worries that Rob may have eyes for someone else, and thinks it could be Michelle; Fiz suggests to Tyrone that he and Ruby should join a baby group, but Kirsty’s not happy.