Is Toadie still in love with Sonya?

Karl notices that Toadie is distracted when he sees Sonya in the street and asks him in for tea. Toadie tells Karl and Susan that Callum wants to see Sonya, and while Susan isn’t sure it’s a good idea, Karl points out to Toadie that you can’t help who you fall in love with, and if he still loves Sonya, he should give her a second chance.

Later, Toadie asks Sonya if she’d like to have a coffee. Thinking he meant the three of them, Sonya’s happy when she realises Toadie wants to go out with just her. Later, just as Toadie’s about to meet Sonya, he finds the photos she’s been giving to Callum, and Toadie realises they’ve been secretly meeting up. As Sonya waits, Toadie sits at home, and then makes a call asking for help… from Harold.

With Lisa parading around the school, Tash is desperate to put her back in her place. Chris tries to put her off, but Tash is determined. In the end, the two fight it out in Mathletes, where Tash challenges Lisa to a competition, with the winner becoming captain of the club. Lisa agrees but quickly regrets it when Tash wipes the floor with her. Adding to Lisa’s embarrassment and Tash’s delight, Andrew’s had enough and dumps her.

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