Is tonight the night for Gordon and Mrs Tembe?

The table is set, the music is romantic and Mrs Tembe’s surprised to find it’s only her and Gordon for dinner. Mrs Tembe nervously rushes her food as Gordon attempts to woo her. As she goes to leave, Gordon’s disappointment is clear. He asks her to stay the night and Mrs Tembe locks herself in the toilet to think. When she emerges, Gordon’s called a taxi – but Mrs Tembe leans in for a kiss and asks Gordon to take her to bed.

Daniel finds Zara frustrated in the bathroom; with her leg in plaster she can’t paint her nails or wash her hair! Zara lets Daniel help her, making herself vulnerable as he washes her hair and paints her nails. Later, it looks like they’ll end up in bed, but Zara pulls away from Daniel revealing how hurt she was he slept with Cherry; that he turned to her when he needed someone. Zara doesn’t think she can trust him again.

Also, Chris is meant to be teaching First Aid at the Youth Club, but he instead ends up giving a lesson in romance…