At the hospital, Sinead is really going for it, screaming and panting – just like on the TV – until the doctor tells her it’s just Braxton Hicks. Diane bumps into Tony at the hospital and it’s clear that she is grateful for his support. But Tony has other reasons for being at the hospital.

Callum’s delighted when he’s accepted onto his uni course, which includes a gap year in New York, but he’s unaware Martha has spent the money his Dad sent for his education.

Doug is shocked by Ste’s aggressive attitude and is concerned when he notices his battered hand. He confronts his ex, prompting Ste to announce he’s selling his half of the deli…

A furious Patrick bumps into Maxine’s new flatmate Kevin outside and offers him a lift, but, on his return, Patrick tries to hide some blood on his shirt cuff.

Also, Finn and Robbie bond by trashing the O’Connor’s.