Is Tracy really pregnant?

Robert tells Tracy how much he regrets his night with Carla, but points out they had broken up at the time. Tracy admits she’s known about his infidelity since the bistro robbery and Robert’s disgusted that she used it to manipulate Carla. Tracy then drops the bombshell that she might be pregnant. Robert angrily insists she does the test immediately and, unluckily for Tracy, she gets a negative result.

Michelle lies to Liz that Will won’t be bothering them again as Saskia has decided she wants to organise her own wedding. Liz is relieved. But when Saskia calls into the Rovers complaining about Michelle dropping them as clients, Liz is all ears, realising Michelle lied to her.

Sophie and Sean discuss themes for Kate’s hen night, but Kate insists she only wants a low-key affair in the Rovers. When Caz phones and Kate makes to leave, Tim feels sorry for Sophie.

Sally’s horrified to realise her garden has shrunk and Yasmeen has made Jason move the boundary! Sally vows to report her to the council for stealing her land.