Daz confronts a surly Victoria about her bad attitude. Victoria is unrepentant and Daz walks out on her. Victoria is furious when she discovers that Daz has booked a romantic weekend away for him and Scarlett and she confronts him and tells him she might be pregnant. Daz is shell-shocked but heads off on his break with Scarlett anyway, much to Victoria’s despair.

Mark lies to Natasha that he’s got a golf date with Jimmy and instead meets up with Faye. Natasha is surprised when she finds Jimmy alone in The Woolpack and Jimmy is forced to cover for Mark. Meanwhile, Mark asks Faye why she’s been stalking him and she insists that he left her with no choice. Mark promises to make things up to her, then returns to Home Farm and presents Natasha with some jewellery as cover for where he’s been.

Maisie has moved into Andy’s but Natasha is not having it and storms over there spoiling for a fight. Natasha is furious when Maisie refuses to come back to Home Farm with her and insists she’s staying put. Later, Debbie arrives at Butlers’ to see Sarah and is put out when she discovers that Maisie has moved in and will be playing mum with her daughter.