Carol confronts Whitney after discovering Whitney has been looking at pregnancy websites. Whitney visits Tyler to tell him she might be pregnant and is hurt when he’s horrified. Tyler buys a baby grow to prove to Whitney he’ll support her, but he’s relieved when Whitney reveals she’s not pregnant after all. Carol drops a bombshell when she says that now that Bianca’s new prison is so far away, she’s moving the family to Suffolk to be closer to her!

Tanya and Max organise a family lunch to welcome Lauren home. Tanya’s worried when Cora thinks she saw Lauren buying absinthe from the market. At lunch, Lauren is upset when it’s clear the family think she’s been drinking. Lauren reveals she was trying to buy Tanya a CD. She storms out and meets up with Lucy and Whitney and cracks open Whitney’s bottle of absinthe.

Ian is angry when he discovers Lucy covered Mandy’s shift for her at the cafe instead of revising so Mandy could visit her mum. Ian gets tipsy at the Vic on Billy’s absinthe and when he returns home he has a go at Lucy and Mandy. Ian tells Lucy he’s sending her on a crammer course. Ian loses his temper and smashes a mug when Lucy refuses.