Xanthe has a hit a low in the wake of Finn and his manipulation. Her low mood and lack of self-esteem worry Gary and Sheila. Will Xanthe be able to move forward with her life?

Paige is worried that Jack is being weird with her after telling him that she doesn’t see a romantic future for them. Meanwhile, Jack is more concerned with Mannix, but he can’t tell Paige the truth. Will Jack’s evasive behaviour push Paige to her limits?

Finally, after Leo’s revelation that he ratted on the Renshaws, David tells him he’s in way over his head. He needs to call an ambulance and then the police. However, believing the police can’t protect him, Leo instead begs David to get painkillers for Mannix from the hospital. But when David refuses, Leo has some harsh words. Has Leo gone too far?