Xanthe throws a party at the display home but the noise attracts the attention of the police, and Mark takes her home to Sheila. He gives Xanthe two choices – she can stay here with Sheila, or he can take her to a foster home. She agrees to stick around, but Kyle’s less than impressed with her attitude. He later complains to Sheila – unaware Xanthe’s listening and her tough façade dissolves into tears.

Lyn arrives in town and Steph admits she and Belinda were in a relationship forcing Lyn to reveal her true reason for landing in Erinsborough – Sonya called, and told Lyn that Steph was upset over Max’s new wife’s custody bid for Charlie.

Paul remembers a wedding gift he gave to Lyn – shares in a mining company. He’s then amazed to discover the shares are now worth a substantial amount of money… And so begins his plan to schmooze Lyn out of ownership!