Hugo finds his brother Xavier’s stash of dope. Xavier explains that he’s been dealing to help their mother with bills. Hugo realises it’s time family came first, and he and Xavier should live together in Summer Bay. Xavier’s not pleased but Gina loves the idea.

Tony is still furious at Angelo, despite Rachel’s attempts to calm him down. Angelo confesses everything about the shooting and tells a sickened Charlie he will always treasure the times they spent together. Martha is devastated that her chance to say goodbye to Jack was marred by Angelo’s presence at the funeral.

Kane leaves hospital and Kirsty must decide between him and Miles. She doesn’t want to leave the Bay as she and Ollie are settled. Kane is open to staying with her but is soon crushed by Kirsty’s declaration that she is in love with both him and Miles, and can’t decide.

Miles tells Kirsty that he just wants her and Ollie to be happy, whatever she decides. Eventually, Kirsty makes her mind up… it’s Miles. Kane pays Miles a visit and says that if Miles really loves Kirsty, he will let her be with Kane. After all, he is her husband and father of her child. Miles is left with a big decision.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday February 12*

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