Howard arrives at work annoyed to find an unknown car parked in a spot marked ‘staff only’. All is revealed when he enters his office to find Zara in his seat. She makes it clear she’s back to block his application to become a partner. Heston tells Howard not to underestimate Zara but Howard’s sure he’s holding all the cards. At the meeting, Howard gives a faultless presentation but Zara’s quick to pull it apart – he’s got a terrible record managing staff, took them all on an assault course, considered merging practices… then there was the Intercom incident?!

But Zara becomes distracted when she spots someone ticketing her car. Outside, Zara sees Barry with the parking enforcer, who explains she doesn’t have a permit and will have to pay fifty quid! As he talks about the changes he’s seen at The Mill, Zara feels like a fish-out-of-water. In Zara’s office, Karen asks if she’s back for good, and Zara admits she’s not sure. Later, Howard’s still furious with Zara… he kept the place together while her and Daniel disappeared. Zara calmly reiterates he’s not becoming a partner – and decides she’s back for good.

As she leaves the church, Mrs Tembe feels the wrath of Barbara; Gordon’s latest plans for the church are ridiculous and she’s calling an emergency meeting of the ladies’ committee at lunch. Mrs Tembe doesn’t want to get involved but when Gordon shows up at the Campus later, she realises she doesn’t have a choice. Gordon wants her to go to the meeting to help get his views across to the Committee.

Mrs Tembe goes to the meeting and, when Barbara starts her assassination of Gordon, she realises how hard it is to stand against the majority. However, as the meeting draws to a close, Mrs Tembe has managed to convince the Committee to listen to Gordon’s ideas. Grateful, Gordon invites Mrs Tembe in for a cup of tea but she makes it clear that he cannot manipulate her to do his dirty work.