Zara bonds with Al over their similar humour, calling Karen ‘Gobby Hollins’. She tells Al she’s happy Jimmi has him as a friend and Al asks her if she has anyone to turn to. Zara lies that she has lots of friends. She resists the urge to ask Daniel’s advice on Joe’s cot to bed transition all day then finally asks his opinion. Daniel thanks her for involving him. Zara claims Joe is their joint responsibility and that will never change.

Howard comforts a distraught Emma in the staff room although she doesn’t tell him why she’s so upset. Zara approaches Howard saying he can be a partner, but with less of a share. Howard is unhappy with this until Zara reveals he will have the same level of responsibility and the same rights as the rest of them. Howard tells her he’ll have to think about it.

Rob is left lagging behind when on the beat with a young ‘super cop’. But why is the PC so keen to be first on the scene?