Is Zeke still alive?

Susan is hospitalised but tells Libby not to call Karl. When Rachel and Harold turn up to find Karl not there, they are shocked and tell Libby she has to let Karl know what’s going on. Once Karl arrives, the whole family are reunited over Susan’s illness before they get surprising news about Zeke – his bank account has been accessed, could he be alive?

Rachel’s angry at herself for ruining Ty’s life when she didn’t go ahead with the record deal. To make things better, she goes to Toadie and asks him to contact the record label and convince them to give her a shot. The deals back on, and Ty is shocked by her maturity to cope with something this big along with everything else that’s going on in her life.

Rebecca’s furious at Paul for making her break up with Andrew and tells him the deed has been done so that he doesn’t print the slanderous article. When Elle overhears their conversation, she is shocked that her father could sink so low. Rebecca later tells her she’s going to move away from Erinsborough to get him out of her life. Elle decides to do whatever it takes to stop Rebecca from leaving.

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