Is Zoe about to throw in the towel?

Turning 40 is supposedly the new 30, and Holby ED consultant Zoe Hanna is determined to continue her hedonistic lifestyle, despite her big birthday this week!

Zoe, who’s secretly dating younger hospital porter Max, has been under immense stress for months, but remains in denial – even though her surly attitude at work has been raising eyebrows from colleagues and friends.

Zoe starts her birthday off with a check-up and her doctor’s alarmed by her unhealthy lifestyle! Then, when she turns up late for work, clinical lead Connie’s suggests Zoe takes an extended holiday! Meanwhile, returning patient Mollie, a recovering-alcoholic, tells the stressed doctor a few home truths…

After a turbulent day Zoe makes the decision to quit and hands in her notice to Connie. Zoe reveals her decision to smitten Max who tells her he loves her!

Elsewhere, paramedic Jeff gets the distinct impression he’s being followed. Initially he suspects fellow paramedic Tamzin’s fiancée, but once he meets Dave, realises it can’t possibly be him.

Rita rocks up for work hung over again, which doesn’t go unnoticed by both staff and patients…