Is Zoe pregnant?

A nervous Amy tries to play down Ste’s excitement over the baby, but when they bump into Mike, Ste proudly blurts out the news. Meanwhile, Zoe is in despair preparing to take a home pregnancy test and has some explaining to do when Sarah walks in and sees the test kit. Despite being uncomfortable at the idea of her dad and best friend having a baby, Sarah advises Zoe to talk to Mike.

Steph is gutted when she sees Max with Cindy in the village, convinced he is with his new girlfriend, but unaware she is actually his sister. Max fills Cindy in about his break-up with Steph, while Niall agrees to take Steph to an audition. Steph is rehearsing her lines when Max and Cindy walk in on her. When Steph learns who Cindy really is, the girls start sniping at each other. Later, Cindy plots to scupper any reconciliation between Max and Steph as she tries to convince Max that Steph is only interested in his money.

Josh is shocked to hear that Fletch is now homeless, and is disgusted when he finds him high on heroin. Later, Rhys and Gilly come across a wasted Fletch in the village and demand he returns home with them.

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