Isaac gets a blast from the past

When an amateur racing driver turns up Holby, it's clear he knows Isaac. The question is: how well?

It’s safe to say Dr Dominic Copeland was unlucky in love until he met gorgeous registrar, Isaac Mayfield. As the couple return from a romantic break in Paris, Dom’s blissfully happy – so why the long face? Given his track record, Dom’s scared things will go wrong and this week it seems he’s right to be worried.

When a sexy amateur racing driver arrives at Holby having injured himself, Dom realises he’s renowned spleen specialist Myles Richardson. Dom also notices a frisson between Myles and Isaac and asks his boyfriend outright if they were ever lovers. Isaac assures Dom that Myles was just his mentor when they worked on a new spleen procedure. But later Myles lets Dom know they were involved! Is Dom about to have his heart broken again?

Meanwhile, Jasmine is keen to impress Jac professionally and make the connection she craves with her half-sister. But when Jasmine misses a fracture on a scan and Ollie covers for her, Jac soon realises it’s because they’re seeing each other. Jasmine fights back – blurting out in front of Ollie that they’re half-sisters. Later, Jac gives Jasmine what she wanted as she declares to the entire ward they’re related – but makes it clear there’s no love lost between them…

Also, Ric is tasked by Hanssen to deal with the estranged wife of the local MP – the feisty, French Francoise. Francoise is clearly a woman who knows what she wants – and soon takes a real shine to Ric. But will Ric allow himself to succumb to her charms?