Harvey returns home and tries to hide his cast from Roo but it’s not long before she finds out and she’s not happy. To add to the chaos, Morag and Celia arrive for Roo’s hen night and Celia takes an instant dislike to Harvey as he greets her in his underwear. The more Celia learns about Harvey, the more she claims he isn’t good enough for Roo and when she starts having a go at him in the hen party Harvey storms off.

Later, Harvey discovers that his leg isn’t broken at all, it’s another of Winston’s pranks, but Harvey isn’t amused and tears a strip off his best man just as Roo walks in. She’s not impressed and starts to think that marriage to Harvey is not a good idea.

April apologises to Dex for getting upset and assures him they can get through his illness. Dex, however, doesn’t want to hold April back and thinks it best that they split up. A devastated April seeks solace in her sister and Bianca tries talking to Dex, urging him not to shut out the people he loves.

And Bianca tries again to get through to Heath but he’s having none of it. She’s hurt him too much.