It must be AMOUR!

Diane’s tres jolie holiday in France with charming Charlie ends with a trip to his country chateau. Mon dieu! It’s an impressive pile, even if it is unfinished, but what, exactly, are Charlie’s intentions towards Diane? Does he want her to be the mistress in his mansion, or is he going to lead the lovable barmaid up the garden path? Back in Emmerdale, Diane tells Charlie she doesn’t want them to be apart, but he’s got a secret that will make it hard for them to be together…

Nasty Nathan reveals to Declan that he’s lower than a snake’s belly by boasting about blackmailing David to get Declan the planning permission he wanted. Remember, Declan’s part of the deal was to agree to leave Natasha alone and Nathan takes great pleasure in reminding Declan of his promise. But promises are made to be broken… surely Nathan knows that!

In The Woolpack, flirty Eve starts playing games with Carl, who’s looking at her as if she’s a free ticket to the World Cup final. Eve insists that she wants to be nothing more than friends and Carl agrees that that’s all they’ll be. Yeah, friends with benefits, we think.

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