It’s celebration time for Brenda (and Gennie!)

Brenda knows she’s planning a commitment ceremony to Bob, but he hasn’t got a clue about it, so her hen party has to be a secret. There’s no secret, though, about how happy her friends and family are for her as they gather in the cafe to celebrate – and amongst all the hens there’s Rodney the rooster, looking very pleased with himself. Gennie’s pleased, too – and not just for her mum. She’s having a double celebration as she has said ‘I do’ to Nikhil about agreeing to buy the B&B. She’s made him a very happy man…

Meanwhile, Dan’s trying to make Bob a happy man – and Brenda a happy woman. Yep, desperate Dan has got himself into another fine mess. Bob wants Dan’s help getting Brenda to a special place where he plans to propose – and Brenda wants Dan’s help at exactly the same time to get Bob to her surprise commitment ceremony (as in wedding, not as in having Bob committed, although sometimes it’s tempting…). Let’s see if Dan’s the man who can make all this happen.

Laurel’s been making things happen… putting herself in danger when she went to confront her alleged carjacker. Marlon finds out… and finds out Laurel doesn’t think he’s man enough to protect her. She grabs some scissors, determined to take action, but Marlon’s determined to protect Laurel from herself.