It’s crunch time! Will Priya marry Rakesh?

It may be her wedding day but Priya’s not sure she’s going to go through with the marriage. Having found out Rakesh has been hiding his huge money problems from her, she’s not sure she can trust the lawyer any more. Knowing he’s got a lot of ground to make up, Rakesh comes clean about everything.

Admitting she doesn’t need an expensive flashy wedding, Priya accepts when Rakesh proposes to her again. Later, in the pub, the locals are stunned when the couple arrive with news: they’ve snuck off and got married on their own at a register office!

Cain issues a warning to Charity, saying he’ll be the first one down at the police station if there’s any comeback on the car she stole. Charity’s gutted to have already annoyed Cain. Will his anger stop her rolling out yet another dodgy plan?

In hospital, Megan’s still reeling from the emergency birth and news that her daughter may have brain damage, and turns to Vanessa for support. Later, Megan’s handed her baby girl for the first time, and tells Jai she wants to call their daughter Eliza.