It’s Dawn’s birthday and there are fireworks!

There’s a mix-up over Dawn’s surprise birthday present from her mum and it looks like her party could go with a bigger bang than expected!

The trouble starts with an attempted robbery at a factory. The alarm goes off and two of the gang of three – Danny and Johnno – are left to leg it on foot when their driver Stuart speeds off. They get away and go to confront Stuart, but he does a runner. Then he’s murdered. And it doesn’t take Pcs Joe Mason and Don Wetherby long to put the robbery and Stuart’s death together, as Stuart worked at the factory that was broken into and knew the safe was stuffed with money.

It all becomes dangerous for Dawn’s party when Danny goes to pick up a parcel of explosives, so he and Johnno can have another crack at the safe. He picks up Dawn’s surprise birthday present by mistake – and David collects the explosives instead of Dawn’s gift. Danny and Johnno go the pub to get the dynamite and Joe, Don and Sgt Miller are faced with an explosive situation.

Oscar, meanwhile, finds his snooping leads to massive embarrassment when he’s forced to pose naked for an art class. Oh dear…