It’s war at the Palmers, as Jett is furious that John is selling the house, but John is elated at the thought of starting a new life, far away from the Braxtons. Marilyn agrees with Jett and wants to stay put, but she is too busy trying to keep the peace between the men in her life.

Spencer discovers Maddy is dating Oscar and, alongside his hatred for Matt, he feels as though he has no friends. Feeling down, he takes out his frustration on Chris, who fires back at Spencer that he needs to take responsibility for his own life.

Nate realises that its time to move on and that, in order to do so, he may need to start divorce proceedings.

Hannah is certain Andy is only with her out of pity. Which is far from the truth, as Andy is worried that it’s too soon to have sex after the accident. Nate confirms there is no medical reason they can’t be intimate again, but before Andy can explain, Hannah dumps him.