It’s Laurel and Ashley’s big day and they’re excited. But, over at Victoria Cottage a nightmare is unfolding. Ben the vicar is way too hungover to be able to conduct the ceremony and Kerry has accused Harriet of meddling to sabotage her ex’s wedding! It’s down to Harriet to save the day, and she puts on a brave face as she prepares to marry Ashley and Laurel! Apart from the hiccup, will the rest of the big day go according to plan?

Aaron’s delighted that Sandra is going to go to the police to admit she knew Gordon was abusing him. Aaron’s finally starting to believe he may get somewhere with his case against his abusive dad – but Robert’s not so sure and is suspicious that Liv is the weak link…

Elsewhere, Chrissie and Andy struggle to keep their passion under wraps as they can’t keep their hands off each other! But the same can’t be said for Rhona who’s worried that her marriage to Paddy is beyond repair.