It’s Leyla’s turn to get a soaking!

*Second episode*

Fed up with Alicia, David and Leyla rowing about the money, Jacob has raided the safe and taken it. When they realise what he’s done, they track down the lad to the riverbank and are horrified to see him tip the cash into a fast-flowing river! With David’s help, Leyla desperately tries to retrieve as many notes as she can. Later, Alicia tells Leyla that the money is all hers – but will her sister accept it or have a change of heart?

Marlon is pleased to hear that Donna is moving in with Rhona and Paddy, but is concerned when he spots her talking to shady Greg. When he goes over to check if everything is OK, she tells him to stay out of her business. Later, however, Donna panics when Greg returns to the village and finds her home alone…

Ali and Ruby changed their mind again about how they are going to spend their mystery money, but will Edna approve? Meanwhile, after having Pete police checked, Debbie discovers he has a previous charge of assault – will she call time on their relationship?