It’s rape. But can Callum and Kirsty prove it?

Award-winning film and TV actress Claire Bloom (most recently seen as The Woman – Doctor Who’s mother – in the 2009 Doctor Who Christmas special) guest-stars in this harrowing story, playing elderly widow Jill Peters, who needs the help of Sun Hill officers.

Sgt Callum Stone and Pc Kirsty Knight respond to a report of a disturbance, called in by David Townsend. He’s Jill’s neighbour and tells the officers he thinks Jill needs help. It looks like he’s right, too, when Jill appears frightened and tells the police she’s been burgled. But a bit of gentle questioning by Kirsty encourages Jill to reveal that she has, in fact, been raped. That’s as far as she’ll co-operate, though, refusing to let a doctor collect DNA evidence from her body.

So the Sun Hill officers have their work cut out. They think they’re on to something, though, when witness Carol Hill says she saw a man lurking near Jill’s house – a man who looks very like her concerned neighbour, David. As the police dig deeper it becomes clear that Carol and David haven’t been totally honest with them. But to crack the case they need DNA evidence from Jill. Can Callum focus enough to get the job done? It’s difficult after he gets some bad news about his father…