As Ken and Tracy prepare for Deirdre’s funeral the tension between them is palpable. Tracy does her best to comfort Ken, but he shuns her attentions, leaving Tracy hurt and shocked by his sharpness. As the funeral cortege sets off the residents watch, deeply moved. Through the hearse window, Tracy’s surprised to spot Robert Preston in the crowd and, in the church, Emily recognises Robert as Tracy’s ex-husband.

Deirdre’s funeral begins and, as the congregation sing, Tracy sobs uncontrollably for her mum while Emily delivers a touching bible reading but Ken can’t help but snap at Tracy.

As Sarah sees Bethany off to school, Callum invites Sarah to an afternoon house party but she declines and heads off to work. However, Bethany skives off school and heads to the Dog & Gun where she knocks back cider and invites herself to Callum’s party. Meanwhile, Sarah gets a call from school to say Bethany didn’t turn up.