Well, Ryan doesn’t even manage to resist Maisie for 24 hours. Having kissed in 2010 with her, he happily trots up to Home Farm with Katie and, while she works, he hunts down Maisie. The two of them are getting very physical when Will calls out for his big sister. As Ryan prepares to leave, Maisie shows him out and they sneak another kiss. They’re not sneaky enough, though: Nathan sees them. And we all know how he loves to play games with people’s lives…

Thinking she and Mark have a happy New Year to look forward to, Natasha decides to apologise to Faye for all the little digs she’s aimed at her in recent weeks. Faye’s stunned and accepts Natasha’s good wishes for her future, even feeling sorry that Natasha has no idea Faye’s future is with Mark.

At the Dingle homestead, Zak is playing good guy, bad guy… He’s bad with Lisa, refusing to accept her nude modelling. But he’s good with Sam, gently trying to explain that Sam’s growing feelings for Olena aren’t likely to lead to any kind of permanent relationship. But is he right about that?

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