It’s a bad day for Cassie

When Aden challenges Cassie over who should run the Year 12 Formal Committee, Fisher seizes the opportunity to educate the students about democracy, so suggests an election to determine the winner. Aden ends up playing dirty by pretending to befriend the lonely Rory to enlist his help in rigging the vote.

Sure enough, sneaky Aden ends up wining the election by a total landslide but Matilda and loser Cassie grow suspicious and force Rory to spill the beans. Although Fisher strips Aden of his victory, he also bars Cassie from taking up the position, due to her unethical tactics in exposing Aden. Even Sally takes Fisher’s side, leaving Cassie feeling miserable and betrayed.

Meanwhile, Cassie is still attempting to deal with Henk’s aggressive rejection, and is further confused when he hints that he’s still attracted to her. Later, they end up working together in the storeroom, and an emotional Cassie ends up breaking down in tears. Henk tries his best to console her, but his feelings get the better of him and the pair find themselves in a passionate kiss.

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