It’s a bad day for Geoff

Annie is horrified to realise that Bruce has mistakenly shot Geoff who is rushed to hospital for treatment. Luckily his wound isn’t serious, but Bruce reacts in silent fury when he realises his grandson was responsible for poisoning the sheep.

Later, Tony and Lucas visit Geoff, but are shocked when Bruce attacks Tony for leading Geoff astray, working himself up into a rage only cut short when he suffers severe chest pains. As Rachel attends to him, Geoff and Annie are stunned to learn Bruce suffers from a severe heart condition.

Later, things go from bad to worse when Bruce tells Geoff he’s not welcome back on the farm. Completely alone and with nowhere else to go, Geoff turns up on Tony’s doorstep.

Sally admits to Leah she’s having doubts about going ahead with the wedding, confessing that, while she loves Brad and wants to be with him forever, something is stopping her from taking this extra step. Leah advises Sally to tell Brad, but can Sally break his heart?

Meanwhile, although he knows Sally is having doubts, Brad keeps busy organising the wedding. Rachel helps her brother out but is dismayed when Brad announces he’s going to ask their old friend Henk Van Patten to be his best man.