It’s a boy!

Rhona has given birth! She’s a mummy! Marlon’s a daddy to a little Dingle! And Paddy’s an idiot! He should have been there, but Rhona couldn’t get hold of him as he sat in a car moaning to Chas about how left out he feels. When he gets back to the village he finds out Rhona’s in labour, but he can’t get to the hospital in time and it’s Marlon who’s with Rhona as their baby is born. Paddy finally shows up in time to see Rhona and Marlon cooing over their baby boy, named Leo. It’s a picture Paddy doesn’t feel a part of and he leaves before they see him.

After his bar-room brawl with Adam that pushed Rhona into labour, Aaron’s hiding out in the little-used cricket pavilion (which is why it’s a good place to hide). But Adam finds him there and, wanting to make up, shares his big secret about Ella with Aaron. Huh! That’s nothing. Aaron’s got an even bigger secret and he very nearly shares it with Adam.

Gennie’s secret love – Nikhil – is no secret any more as she tells Bob how she feels. Hmmmm, he’s not the most likely confidante, but Gennie is drunk and Bob is asking questions.