Violet cancels the midwife for her home birth, while Jamie prepares to head to London to drop off some of their belongings at a mate’s house. Violet feels a sharp pain and she starts having contractions and Marcus helps her into the pub. Sean tries to attract Jamie’s attention, but he drives off. Marcus helps Violet but he tells her that her waters have broken and the baby is well and truly on its way!

Dan turns up at the Italian restaurant to get his money back from Paul, but Paul refuses to pay up and smugly tells him that it isn’t his problem. Dan threatens to tell Jack that Paul tried to steal his money and Paul counters that he will tell the gaming authorities about the backhander he paid him. Dan is stumped.

Gail tries to reclaim her home and suggests to Tina and David that they go out for the evening. The teenagers protest that there is nowhere to go and they would rather have their mates round at the house. Gail crumbles and agrees to go out to the pub.

Also, Liam is thrown when Carla tells him that Tony is moving in with her!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Violet’s baby is on the way and Marcus helps out and presents Violet and Sean with a healthy baby boy. Violet and the baby are taken to hospital and Jamie, who has by now heard the news, heads over to see them. Jamie feels excluded when he walks in to see Sean cradling his son. Violet and Jamie realise that they will have to put their moving plans on hold – for now.

Michelle suggests to Alex that he should return home to his mum but Alex insists that he hates living with Wendy. Later, Wendy turns up to collect Alex, but Alex refuses to go back home with her and begs to stay with at the Rovers. Michelle is torn between helping Alex and upsetting Ryan but she agrees that he can stay for the weekend.

Dan takes Kelly for a meal at the Italian and when Leanne gives him the bill he tells her that Paul is taking care of it. Dan thinks his luck is in when Kelly agrees to go back to the flat, but they return to discover that the flat has been taken over by Harry’s tatty furniture.

Also, Gail is angry when David and Tina leave the house in a tip.