*Hour episode*

Amy has been determined to go through her pregnancy alone, but now she wants help, any help from anyone. There’s no one around, though, and, terrified, Amy gives birth alone in the cemetery. Then she’s even more scared; there’s not a sound from the little boy and Amy’s convinced he’s dead. Not knowing what to do, Amy wraps the baby in her coat, places him in the village phone box… and calls for help? No. Amy runs. Hazel finds the baby and dials 999. The baby’s alive! Meanwhile, Amy’s turned to David for help. She tells him she’s had a baby, but it’s dead. David sees the ambulance and finds out the baby’s alive. He calls an ambulance for Amy and tells her it will be OK – he’s told Val and Pollard everything.

Debbie’s emotional about a pregnancy, too – one that she’s determined to make happen. She talks through her latest ‘saviour sibling’ plan with Charity, while Cameron confides in Jimmy – who you just know is going to tell Nicola.

Moira has no one to turn to. Farmer John’s bottom lip is still at full pout and he doesn’t think he can move on, so Moira decides to move out.