It’s a boy! (Just don’t tell Daniel…)

Zara claims she has a toothache and sneaks off to the dentist, but she’s actually going to a private clinic for a scan to find out the sex of the baby and is delighted to find out she’s expecting a boy.

Later, Daniel suggests a girl’s name that he really likes. Zara starts to protest, but then backs down and says she’ll consider it as an option. Zara lets slip to Karen that she knows it’s a boy and swears her to secrecy. Karen bets that Daniel will find out before the week is out.

It’s Heston’s second counselling session for Marina and he’s optimistic. Using the traffic light approach, Heston tries to wind Marina up and it looks like she might lose it, but she manages to stop herself using some of the techniques Heston suggested. Marina feels there’s hope for their situation.

Also, Elaine is intrigued when her patient claims to have the ‘perfect’ domestic set up, but she soon realises appearances can be deceptive.