It’s a cut-and-shut case!

Kevin has another warning from Phil to get rid of Yolande’s cut-and-shut car and Shirley overhears and confronts Kevin. Kevin smashes the windscreen of the car and when a frustrated Yolande discovers the broken window she hands Kevin the keys to get it fixed. Shirley gets into the car when Kevin sets off to take it to the crushers, but the scrap yard is closed. The pair decide to pretend it was stolen and write it off in a car park. Kevin slams the car into an obstacle, but are they both hurt?

Dawn, Carly and Shabnam plan New Year’s Eve at R&R. Garry is hopeful when Dawn asks him about his plans for the evening and winks at him. But Garry is left disappointed yet again when he realises that Dawn wants him to babysit Summer for her.

Tanya is upset when Max appears at the house and asks if he can take the kids for the evening as she can hardly bear to look at him. When Sean later turns up to see her she invites him for a cosy night in…

Also, Ronnie pinches Jack’s keys and lets himself into her flat to surprise him; Denise is delighted when Chelsea is let out of prison early.

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