After being rushed into hospital with labour pains, Sky is given anti-contraction medication in an attempt to stop the labour – but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Stingray is wandering around Erinsborough drunk when he receives a voicemail from Sky, telling him she cares about him and thinks they can make their ‘family’ work. He heads to the hospital to see her, but is stopped by Karl who declares he’s in no fit state to be near Sky.

Elsewhere, Harold, Janelle, Janae and Loris help Sky as she goes through labour. She eventually gives birth to a baby girl, who she promptly names after her late mum, Kerry.

Determined to snatch Sky’s baby, an increasingly unhinged Teresa steals Carmella’s orderly uniform so she can return to the hospital, but when her cousin catches her she furiously throws boiling water in Carmella’s face, horrifically injuring her. Having lost all grip on sanity, Teresa then sets the hospital on fire to try to cause a distraction.

Also, Carmella worries when Will sets her a challenge to think up something amazing for them to do on their second date, and asks her sister Rosie for help. But she’s unaware Rosie has her own crush on Will…